November News

Wow, the last few months have flown by and now Silly Season is in full swing. We are all pumped for a big summer!

While it has been a whirlwind few months, we have hits some key milestones since September:

  • 70,000 new kegs arrived into Australia ensuring peak supply.
  • Commencement of dedicated Konvoy Collection Vans in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, giving us more flexibility for collections.
  • 30,000 new tracking beacons arrived and will be retrofitted to the current fleet, as we continue to strive for a 100% tracked keg fleet.
  • We continue to order more devices and have commenced production on a V2 device whilst developing a Cellular device version.
  • Marc spent some time at SEABrew in October as we explore opportunities for kegs and keg tracking across South East Asia.

Planning has commenced for The IBD Conference in Adelaide in March 2023. The first conference back since the world went virtual. If you are planning to attend, let us know!

There are plenty of events and festivals happening in 2023! We are looking forward to getting stuck into it. As always, thank you for choosing to partner with us. We value our friends in the industry and look forward to catching up with you all in 2023.

Have a wonderful festive season and we hope you get to spend some time partying, resting and spending valuable time with family and friends.


Team Konvoy

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