Konvoy is about making keg rental simple.

We offer short-term rentals and long-term leasing to suit every brewery's individual needs.

Why choose

Flat rate rentals

Known costs for your business


No scanning


Automated location tracking on every keg


The newest fleet in ANZ


Simple, dependable and honest

Short term rentals

Konvoy provides a simple, short-term rental system that is suited to one-way trips.

Konvoy delivers known costs to your business and a more sustainable solution.

LONG TERM leasing

Leasing provides you with your own kegs but at a low monthly fee

freeing up cashflow to invest in your business.

Get in touch to work out the best solution for your brewery.

If you would prefer to own your kegs..

Konvoy stocks kegs from the world's leading manufacturers to purchase.

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