We are offering a flat fee of $12 for the disposal of any keg in warehouse or at your brewery.  This includes decanting, a certificate of destruction (for excise purposes) and freight.

Ageing Stock.   In a recent site walk at a local distributor, we saw MANY kegs that are over 12 months old, some pushing 2 years.  And that was only about 1% of the total stock being held. Our data paints a similar picture nationwide.  In short, we are seeing significant amounts of ageing stock.

Old beer isn't great for the industry, the consumer, the producer or us,  so let us help you dispose of it.

How to get involved?

Hit "get the ball rolling" below to get in touch via our support page or send an email to with the following information:

  1. The amount of kegs
  2. Where they are located

We'll get the ball rolling from there.  

Team Konvoy

Start the ball rolling

Ageing stock ready for disposal.

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